Think chic meets rock 'n' roll.  A prolific songwriter, singer, performer, musician, and yes, even a working actress,  Alana Grace has graced the pages of Teen People and rocked the stages of Bonnaroo, Summerfest and House of Blues.  Launched into the national spotlight when her song, "Black Roses Red" emerged as the standout track on the soundtrack for the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it was her memorable performance on the "TODAY" show (NBC) that sparked her nationwide buzz.  Dubbed by Teen People as "the next Alanis Morissette," Alana Grace has shared the stage with artists such as All American Rejects, Honor Society, and Ashlee Simpson.  Respected for her songwriting, she has not only been recognized by Garageband, Famecast, Skopemag and WeAreListening, but last year became part of an elite roster of artists including Gwen Stefani, Trent Reznor and Interpol at Kobalt Publishing.  With a second album on the way, she is primed to follow in the footsteps of Paramore, Katy Perry and Joan Jett as she joins the 2009 Vans Warped Tour.  Magnetic, dedicated and talented, this self aware 21 year old is poised to make a lasting impression.
Born in Los Angeles, Alana Grace moved to Nashville at age 6 when her father was transferred for a job.  From the beginning, it was evident that she was an enigma, a creative force and a viable triple threat in the making.  Though she was performing at age 2, taking piano lessons at 5, singing and acting by the time she was 8, Alana Grace was exceptionally quiet and introverted.   An observer, she quickly found a way of expressing herself through writing her own songs.  "I have been making up songs and melodies in my head for as long as I can remember," says Alana Grace.  By the time she was 15, Alana Grace was honing her songwriting skills and recording with some of the best in the business including producers Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Eve 6) and John Fields (Switchfoot, Pink, Andrew WK).  Alana's first album, Break the Silence, was independently released in 2007.  She spent the next two years performing nationally and growing her fanbase in acoustic venues, outdoor theatres, rock clubs and festivals.
Her sophomore album, With One Word, features noticeably mature lyrics and melodies.  Alana has evolved from rebellious teen to grounded and deep -- self awareness that has come from experiencing some tough realities of life.  Alana's introspective lyrics reflect on the loss of a friend through drug abuse in "Cold Day for August," rejection in "Glass House" and facing her fears in "With One Word."  "I'm a realist and that shows in my lyrics," says Alana.  "Sometimes it's just easier to write about the difficult things in my life, rather than the good.  It helps me to look for what I can change, what I should have done differently."  She worked on the album in Nashville, Austin and Los Angeles, and recorded with Nick Brophy (Avril Lavigne), Dwight Baker (Kelly Clarkson, Bleu Edmondson) and Mike Greene (Paramore, Good Charlotte).  The album is scheduled to be released this summer as she joins the eclectic lineup of the ever-popular Vans Warped Tour.  "I'm really looking forward to the heavy touring schedule and making new friends and fans," says Alana. 
In addition to a growing list of musical credits, Alana is exploring film and TV opportunities as well.  An avid Harley rider herself, Alana is currently hosting the Speed Channel's 2009 season of "The New American Thunder Show."  The program is the highest-rated and longest-running motorcycle magazine show on cable television.  She is also set to appear in the independent film "Befallen."
In the midst of her busy schedule, Alana Grace maintains a steady focus on supporting various causes from children's charities to environmental organizations.  She has been a long-time supporter and performed for the Children's Miracle Network (since age 12), St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Andre Agassi's Grand Slam for Children and Vanderbilt's Radiology Stars.  Last year, she became the teen spokesperson for the Jamie Redford Foundation (JRI) in support of organ donation and is presently working with the Green Initiative to help educate young adults on ways to protect the planet.
Through her quiet determination, Alana Grace has developed a strong voice for her generation that will carry on for years to come.  "I don't want to be another flash in the pan," says Alana. "I want my music, my name and my work to live on well after I do." 

With One Word- release scheduled for summer, 2009
Break the Silence- 2007